I brought along a cheap digital camera and took some pictures during and immediately after the Particle And Nuclie Internation Conference meeting in Santa Fe.

This is Santa Fe's Loretto chapel: [011]

It has a mysterious staircase: [008]

And also some beautiful stained glass: [009]

For more see: Loretto Chapel Website
Another church in Santa Fe: [014]

Food is expensive in the tourist zone in Santa Fe. Here is a $12 green chili cheeseburger: [018]

and an $8 slice of pie: [019]

After paying $20 for a small meal, I ate at Bert's Burger Bowl, conveniently near the Kinko's. They have great tamales, green and red tacos, as well as $3 green chili cheeseburgers: [023]

Sunset in Albuquerque: [022]

Along the interstate highway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe: [031]



No visit to New Mexico would be complete without a cholla cactus: [044]

If you grow up in the area, you will eventually fall into one of these.