My relatives are having fun solving sudoku puzzles and I tried a few and thought my computer would enjoy solving them even more. So I wrote a short Java program:

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The source code is available on this website:
SuSolver Java Source, 13,469 bytes, May 24, 2006

I use the free Borland "Foundation" java development system. Here's a link to Borland:
Borland Java programming system downloads (I use "Foundation")

Instructions: press the buttons to change the numbers. If it doesn't show the one you want, press it again. The letters allow you to save (s) and recall (r) previous versions of the puzzle, but you're probably only going to need this if you're writing a sudoku.

Upon Julia's Clothes

Whenas in silks my Julia goes,

Then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows

That liquefaction of her clothes.

Next, when I cast mine eyes, and see

That brave vibration each way free,

Oh, how that glittering taketh me!

Robert Herrick, 1591-1674